Resultater fra Oslo Open 2014 i Kendo

Publisert 04.06.2014
Redigert 28.07.2015

The 2014 Oslo open was held May 30 to June 1.

There was 54 participants total, from 16 clubs in six nations, Finland, Italy, Kuwait, Norway, Sweden and Turkey
There where 15 teams in the team competition. We had examinations up to 5.Dan.

Here are the results:

1. Frederico Capone (Accademia Romana)
2. Lei Yang (OSI)
3. Daniel Schults (Uddevalla) and Fredrik Lundell (Shikami)
Fighting Spirit: Erika Olson (Uddevalla) and Johan Phan (Bergen)

1. Ongaro Giulio (Accademia Romana)
2. Pedram Bagheri (Oslo Kendo)
3. Kazuo Yamazaki (FSKA) and Kenneth Fredheim (Kristiandsand)
Fighting Spirit: Abdulla Awadh (Yokote) and Frederico Capone (Accademia Romana)

1. Ark Roma (Ongaro Giulio, Frederico Capone, Maurizio Ricci)
2. Oslo Kendo 1 (Dag Storli, Mikkel Wettre, Pedram Bagheri)
3. Wäsby (Andreas Lindström, Theodore Ahlén, Jannica Palmö)
3. Sørvest (Are Aarrestad, Daniel Pretzinger, Anders Lunde)
Fighing Spirit: Marianne Skiftesvik (OSI) and Marie Nørvåg (Kristiandsand)

Kyu: 1 passed 6.Kyu, 1 passed 3.Kyu and 2 passed 2.Kyu
Dan: 6 passed 1.Dan, 4 passed 2.Dan, 3 passed 3.Dan and 2 passed 4.Dan.

Visiting sensei was:
Mike Davis, 7.dan Kyoshi
Louis Vitalis, 7.dan Kyoshi
Jean-Paul Carpentier, 7.dan Renshi
Mats Wahlquist, 7.dan Renshi
Lorenzo Zago, 7.dan Renshi
Markus Frey, 7.dan Renshi
Mikko Salonen, 7.dan Renshi