Nyhet om WTF Global Membership

Publisert 07.06.2012
Redigert 29.07.2015

WTF Global Membership skal fra 2013 brukes på alle konkurranser i regi av WTF. Dette betyr at alle som skal konkurrere internasjonalt fra januar 2013 MÅ være registrert i systemet.

Dear Sir/Madams,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I update you all on the status of the WTF Global Membership Project following the recent presentations given in Egypt. The objective of the WTF GMS is to regroup the immense global taekwondo community into a common online system by providing a fully integrated membership, event and competition management solution for our WTF Member National Association’s to access and use.

At the core of this system is a unique lifetime WTF ID number which will be assigned to each registered member. This ID number is linked to the member for life and therefore all taekwondo related activity will be linked to this number and accessible at any time online. Through WTF streamlining our event registration and competition management process and using a consistent system provider we will greatly increase the efficiency for our MNA`s in all areas related to the competition management process and administration at all levels of competitions.

The COMPLETE WTF GMS is continuing to be further developed and refined and will be tested at National, Continental Union and WTF Championships throughout 2012; with the aim being to launch the fully integrated online system in early 2013 to be available to our WTF MNA`s.

We count on each WTF MNA to support this effort aiming at drastically improving the efficiency of our events. I encourage you all to share the below the video link with all your taekwondo stakeholders in an effort to promote and educate all on this very important initiative of WTF.