Insurance information in English

The insurance covers members of NKF who are 13 years of age or older.

Sum insured:

  • Accident death: NOK 50,000
  • Accident disability: NOK 600,000
  • Treatment expenses: NOK 30,000, –

Deductible: NOK 500, –

The insurance covers medical disability from 15 per cent.

Special terms for Norges Kampsportforbund. The terms apply in addition to or instead of terms in bbppk100

The insurance applies under:

  • Contests / matches, shows, organized training, and traveling to / from.
  • Travel / stay under the auspices of the sports team when the purpose of the trip is the pursuit of the sport.
  • Training that is part of a scheduled training program when the coach / team manager can document that the injury occurred during training.

The insurance has been extended to include:

  • Injury to training, combat and demonstration resulting from a maneuver. “Maneuver maneuver” means movements, twists or other sudden movements with or without physical contact, such as choreographic patterns / demonstrations.
  • Damage due to crushing, full contact or knockdown, during organized training and / or national / international rallies.


  • The exception for boxing, wrestling, judo and karate or other martial arts and self-defense sports does not apply.

Payment of injury upon death:

In the case of death payments, cohabitants are equal to a spouse

Termination Age: Cessation age is 75 years

Competitive athletes

NKF advise all competitive athletes to also add a treatment insurance, as private treatment after sports related injury is not included in the normal insurance.

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Insurance conditions in English