Open Invitation to Sparring and Training

Publisert 13.05.2016

Please note there will be an open invitation to attend training and sparring in Oslo (Hasle) with the full-time National team. This invitation is for a maximum of 2 male and 2 females from each club who are 17 years+ and who compete regularly in International G-rank and associated A-class (Junior) competition.

Athletes who would like to attend need to be engaged with the Full-Time National team philosophy (i.e. a desire to become a full-time member of the centralised National team).

Please email Dave Cook to confirm attendance no later than 12 noon, June 22nd.

The date and time of the sessions will be as follows,

Thursday 30th June, 0830-1030 and 1230-1430

Friday 1st July, 0830-1030 and 1230-1430

Saturday 2nd July, 0830-1030

Sunday 3rd July, 12 noon (track session)

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