National Team statement

Publisert 25.08.2015

Recent changes to the senior national team see both Bendik Øyan (Tøyen Taekwondo Klubb) and Tor Waage (Heimdal Taekwondo Klubb) released from the senior full-time team.

“Elite sport is characterised by hard decisions and tough choices and this was obviously a difficult decision to take and one that was by no means taken lightly. However, as with everything in this system these decisions are made in an objective and professional manner to foster success for the National team.”

“I thank the athletes for the undoubted contribution they made to the full-time system over the 32 months that they were here and I am sure that the system similarly benefited the athletes. We all wish Bendik and Tor all the best in their future endeavours both in and outside of Taekwondo” (Dave Cook).

As is the general policy of the National team both athletes are invited to continue training with the team at their own discretion. Furthermore, Bendik Øyan has accepted a role as a respective training partner in the build up to the Olympic qualifiers, 2016