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Norwegian National Squad


In order to qualify to attend Open National Squad trainings all athletes must belong to a partner club.

There are four Open National Squad Trainings per year:

This allows any partner club member to send their athletes to train with the National Squad and more importantly for the National Coach to discover any new talent that may be coming through.

The Norwegian National Squad:

The Norwegian National Squad is made up from Partner club members of the Norwegian Martial Art Federation.

The sole purpose of this squad is to develop athletes to compete and medal at European and World Championships.

All athletes that have the privileged to be selected for either a European or World Championship event will and must belong to the Norwegian National Squad (no exceptions)

Athlete’s admission to the Norwegian National Squad is solely dependant on the decision of the National Coach.

For new athletes to be considered for inclusion to the National Squad they must first attend an Open National Squad training Camp (see above).

On this camp new athletes as well as existing will be monitored and assessed and as such at the end of the camp any athletes that has shown to have promise will be invited to attend the next National Squad Training.

Athletes in the Norwegian National Squad:

All athletes on the National Squad will be constantly monitored and assessed as to their progression and suitably.

Whilst Athletes are on the National Squad the National Coach expects the following:

  1. All Athletes must commit 100% to the National Squad and its purpose
  2. All athletes must commit to attending all national squad-training camps.
  3. All athletes must commit to train and work to the best of their ability with a focus on progression and improved performance.
  4. All athletes where possible must engage in Domestic and International competitions and log their results for the national coach to view.
  5. All athletes on the national squad represent the best of Norwegian Karate and therefore will sign a code of conduct.
  6. All athletes must inform the national coach of any sickness, injuries or illness prior to any forth-coming training camp.
  7. Basic training (especially for all under 21) are expected and will be tested – we expect improvement and have standard tests according to our LTAT.

There can be some flexibility as to weather an athlete can be invited to train with the National Squad however this is solely at the discretion of the National Coach.

However dismissal from the National Squad will also be the decision of the National Coach. The reason for this can be varied but the main reason can be as follows:

  1. Failure to turn up to National Squad Trainings with out a valid reason. (Please note an injury to the leg, arm, ribs etc. is not a valid reason)
  2. Failure to show real progression and improvement in your performance over a given time.
  3. Failure to adhere to the code of conduct.

Athletes Selection for a Major Championships will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. International Tournament Results
  2. Progression and improved performance during National Squad Training
  3. Fight offs between other athletes within the National Squad
  4. The National Coach will have final decision

All athletes selected for a major championship will be given additional training programs leading up to the event and will have to attend pre training prior to the event.


All athletes on the national Squad should keep a training dairy to log when they trained and what they did in their training session. They should also use this dairy to make notes of how they have improved, what they have to work on i.e. homework given to them from the national coach.

Athletes club coaches, please encourage your athlete to talk about their training with you, and in addition find time with them to work on additional training routines necessary for the National Squad.

If any coach needs any additional information please do not hesitate to contact National Coach Dr. Wayne Otto

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